Friday, February 23, 2024

Bishop Konderla asks us to pray for victims of abuse

Bishop David Konderla is asking us to pray for the victims of clergy sexual abuse, for the conversion of perpetrators, and for all bishops to be holy shepherds.

Last week, on All Souls Day, Bishop Konderla quoted a USCCB document, “This is a time of deep examination of conscience for each bishop. We cannot content ourselves that our response to sexual assault within the Church has been sufficient.”

Bishop Konderla said that he would be dedicating himself to seven days of intensified prayer and sacrifice, beginning on Monday, November 5. He invites us to join him in praying for three intentions:

  • For the healing and support of all victims of clergy sexual abuse.
  • For the conversion and just punishment of the perpetrators and concealers of sexual abuse.
  • For the strength of the bishops to be holy shepherds in protecting and leading our sheep from all harm.


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