Amen! First Communion 2017

First Communion is a joyful time for our young parishioners as they receive the Eucharist for the first time.
We thank the staff and volunteers who planned and organized First Communion:
  • Jane Bender
  • Deacon Rich Bender
  • Erin Dailey
  • Melissa Pascarella, for planning and teaching the classes
  • Ann Bloomfield
  • Michelle Craig
  • Maureen Clements, for being there at Mass to guide and support the students
  • the visiting Deacons
  • Father Jack
  • Deacon Steve Craig
  • the Children’s Choir
  • the photographer
  • all the Liturgical Ministers including the Ushers who were available on short notice.
Truly all the staff and volunteers made First Communion run so smoothly and seem so effortless which allowed us all to focus on witnessing the joy of the children taking First Communion.

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