It’s working: Liturgical Ministers are praising our new system

20161121_093247Success! Our new check-in system for our Sunday liturgical ministers is working well. The church has been running the new system for two weekends.

All who are assigned to serve at Mass check in on an iPad running some special software that makes it easy to sign in.


One common question is about the procedure to request a substitute, or how to volunteer to fill a position. Here’s a short article that details the process:


I’d like to try the sub feature but I’m not sure how it works! What happens when a volunteer requests a sub?

The Web Terminal’s sub feature makes it much easier for people to find substitutes when they can’t serve at their scheduled times, and we highly recommended that you take advantage of this feature.

The way it works is that a volunteer logs into the Web Terminal and goes to their My Schedule tab to see a list of their upcoming services. If they can’t make one of their scheduled times, they click the “(request sub)” hyper link next to that service.

  • An email will be sent to all volunteers that are qualified to fill the position notifying them that the swap request was made.
  • The volunteers that receive the email can click on a link right there in the email to volunteer to fill the position.
  • OR a volunteer who is qualified to fill the position logs into their Web Terminal to check their schedule, on their My Schedule tab they will see the “swap requested position list” which contains all the positions¬†¬† that are up for grabs. Each position will have a “(volunteer now)” link next to it, and by clicking the link next to a given position they can volunteer to fill that position.

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