Theology Uncorked

Theology Uncorked vWebJoin in this casual venue with others who share a love for wine and a love for theology.

This group will meet on the third Thursday of every month to learn about different types of wine and to be edified by a 20 minute talk on a variety of theological topics to be followed by an open discussion with the presenter and those gathered.





The 2013 Line-up:

Date Time Place Topic Theology Speaker  Wine Wine Speaker Notes/links

September 19

7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall The Preferential Option for the Poor

Deacon Kevin Satorius


October 17

7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall The Sacrament of Marriage

Timothy Putnam, Diocese of Tulsa



Thursday,      November 21

7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall What's the Deal with Purgatory?

Fr. Sean Donovan



Thursday, December 19    

7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall     Celebration of Vocation: Renewal of Wedding Vows Service and Blessing of Single People Dcn. Rich Benderdeacon rich      
Thursday, January 16 7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall Answering Atheism

Anthony Keiser


Thursday, February 20 7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall The Catholic View on In Vitro Technology

Timothy Putnam


Thursday, March 20 7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall The Catholic Church and the Death Penalty Brian Desmarais      
Thursday,  April 10 7-8:30pm Beckerle Hall Jesus: Legend? Liar? Lunatic? LORD!

Anthony Keiser




Last Published: November 14, 2013 3:18 PM
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